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    Hello prisoners of ShackledCraft,

    It has been a rough month, almost two. First features that you guys were promised kept getting delayed over and over, then when they were finally ready the hardware issues started leaving the server in a very unstable state, rendering PvP entirely impossible and causing inconveniences and problems for everyone. The player base has dropped by 30% in this very short time

    So what's going on? The hardware issues are taking so long to fix because of corona delays and further stock shortage due to a datacenter fire that our host had last month, creating a big shortage for them. It's very unfortunate that our hardware hard to start failing now, but its better now than at the beginning of the new season. Furthermore, the staff team has had two closely related deaths for which they are taking time off as is right. With all this, we quickly fell behind and problems began piling up quickly. That is why the website is still in it's broken maintenance state because we had to put the resources to more important issues, such as the dupe that was going on last week.

    As the title promises there is finally some good news. The long awaited ad integration has been live on the server for the last few days. It has been tested and will now be available to a bigger group of players. There is one remaining problem. Players from certain regions are unable to watch any ads as the video bugs and times out for them. This is being worked on and will be fixed soon. The effected regions will not be allowed to use the system until then. We know this is unfair, so to make up for it those regions will receive extra rewards for a certain amount of time once it becomes available for them. How much extra will depend on how much time they missed out on and some extra to account for progress that could have been made since.

    To keep this post short, I've compiled the other changes and key points into this list:
    - If our host cannot provide new hardware by the end of this week, we will temporarily move the servers somewhere else.
    - This weeks PvP tournament has been replaced by a scavenger hunt for the time being. See the tournament board in-game for more info.
    - The forums have been temporarily re-opened but will not be available from time to time as we are continuing the maintenance on the site.
    - We promise you guys that once the hardware issues have been fixed and all overdue tasks have been finished, we will make sure the rate of new players picks up again and that the new season will be a great success. With the ad system finally being available, the next season will offer a much more balanced experience in every aspect of the server.

    Thank You!
    - ShackledCraft Prison Team
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