[Official] New Player Record & Server Maintenance

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Admin, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Hello prisoners of ShackledCraft,

    You guys have outdone yourself again, we reached a new record of 1950 players online. Just under 2000 players, that's crazy! To celebrate, we will be hosting a big drop party and giveaway in-game this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday at 2PM EST. However, in order for that to go by smoothly, we first need to do a server maintenance today. I know this is unexpected as we just announced it a few hours ago, but as you guys may have noticed, the server was quite laggy this weekend with all the new players. To achieve a lag-free experience again, we need to upgrade the hardware of our servers and even add additional ones. We will be doing all that today during the maintenance. We hope to not be down for more than 4 hours, 6 max.

    Big thank you to you guys again, we wouldn't have made it here without our players

    - ShackledCraft Prison Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.