[Official] Plot World Reset & Some Updates

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    Hello prisoners of ShackledCraft,

    We are posting this announcement today to announce a plot world reset for all realms that will take place on Wednesday, April 14 at 9AM EST. Additionally, new quests and bosses will be added and a tournament for those will be hosted this weekend. We advise that you do not log out in the plot world in order to avoid any possibilities of corrupting your inventory and losing your items.

    As you guys know, last week we updated the economy and added various new ways of earning money. While we have received great feedback, we decided to add more "main" quests to earn money, making them a good alternative to mining. Before we do so, we would like to hear your suggestions on what type of quests they should be. Please submit any ideas you have in the forums. UPDATE: While Forums are under maintenance please submit your suggestions to staff in-game.

    Over the next weeks, we will be working on updating the website to be more like the store theme. During this time, expect bugs to occur and features to temporarily appear and/or disappear.

    Lastly, we are still looking for a "P2W"/premium items alternative as promised. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned with our last solution. We apologize for the up and down rollercoaster ride this has been.

    Thank You!
    - ShackledCraft Prison Team
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