Summer Season's Base Competition

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    Welcome to the Summer Season's Base Competition results! Each season our players battle it out to be crowned champion and have their base named the best on the server for that season, along with receiving some great treasures.

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Summer Season Competition was clan iAle, you will be receiving your discord role and in-game prizes very shortly! Congratulations, and thank you to everybody who entered the contest.

    Now to the upcoming Fall Season Competition...
    Your task is simple: create the best-looking & wealthiest clan base on the server and submit it. By entering, you have the chance of winning the following for each clan member:
    • A custom medal that will only be obtainable from winning this competition
    • A role on the Discord that will only be given out to those that win our competition
    • 10x Spawner of choice
    • 10x Crate key of your choice
    • Diamond SOTS Kit for the next season
    • Backpack upgrade to next level
    • Plot upgrade to next level

    To win, we ask that all entrants follow the criteria set:
    • You must be the owner of the base that you submit
    • Your entry cannot be a base that you bought from another player/clan

    Your base will be judged by our team of Moderators. The winner will be announced on the next thread like this one. Bases will be judged on their looks and how wealthy they are. To enter, please apply on Discord with this format:
    In-game name:
    Clan name:
    Base picture(s):

    We look forward to seeing the next entries! As always, the competition will begin towards the end of the next season. An exact start date and deadline will be announced early enough in-game.
    Entries made after the deadline will not be considered, so please make sure you enter on time!

    Good luck everybody!
    - ShackledCraft Prison Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.